Quotes and Testimonials…How to Display Quotes and Testimonials on Your Website

Many of my clients have wonderful testimonials from their customers.  These are great tools for marketing purposes, and they should be displayed proudly on their websites!

Many other clients follow a philosophy, and there are many wonderful quotes from influential people that they would like to display on their site as well.

Typically, testimonials and quotes are handled by listing them on a page together, so that visitors to a website can scroll down a list and read them. This is fine for some applications, but not for all.  The reason is simple: the testimonials or quotes may not have relevance, or meaning, if listed on a page. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that in many cases, listing testimonials or quotes on a page is important. But there are many cases when we can make the testimonials or quotes more powerful and meaningful if we put them in the right spot: right where your web visitor is.

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