Measure How Your Website is Performing

Measure or "Grade" Your Website's Performance

After you go through all of the trouble to set up your website, you should measure how it is performing. There are many ways to measure performance.


How Many Leads are Generated?

First and foremost would be how many leads you get through your website! This measures qualified traffic, UX Design, and your lead generation forms as well as other things.

Look at the Website Traffic Data

Using standard tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console we can measure a lot of information.

Another way to measure your website is to look at the traffic coming to your website. How are people arriving? When they arrive, what do they do?  Are the right people arriving?  Is google letting the world know about your website? These are a FEW of the questions you should think about.


Google Analytics Setup

Most likely you have heard of Google Analytics and hopefully it is already set up and running on your website. GA, or Google Analytics, tracks visitors to your website and give you DATA about these visitors such as: device used, country located in, amount of pages visited, new/returning visitors, bounce rate, average time spent on page, etc.  This is a lot of data that needs to be analyzed and can help you make decisions about how to improve your website.

Google Search Console Setup

Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) is a beloved tool here at TechCare.  This tool tell us what keywords were used to find your website, what position your website appears for certain key words, how many times your listing was clicked on, what your CTR or Click Through Rate is, and how many times your website was returned for these key words.  This information is very valuable and powerful.  For example, we can look at a phrase where your website is returned position 1 or 2 but your CTR is low.  With this information, we can work on improving your CTR on a particular page for a particular keyword phrase!


TechCare sets these accounts up when we set up a new website

and "hook" them up with your website.  We can help you analyze this data to made good decisions that should make a difference in your lead generation.

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Mark and I are both very happy with the outcome of our website

Mark and I are both very happy with the outcome of our website. We recognize that there may need to be changes or updates in the future, and appreciate that you will continue to work with us. We thank you for your hard work!