Keyword Research

Getting Found Online Starts with Keyword Research.

You may think that people are searching for particular words that describe your services or products, but this may not be the case.  In addition, people are in different areas of the "buyers journey". For example, someone who may need your services may not even know that you have a solution to their problem, and they are searching for related words to their problem. In this case, we want to write content around those related keywords to attract those potential customers who are at the beginning of the buyers journey to create awareness that your product or service even exists.


How to Implement Keyword Research

Google reads the words that appear on your website as a computer.  In the past, if the words people were searching for did not appear on your website in exactly the same format, google would not return your website as a result.  Today, while this is still mostly true, google has been perfecting their algorithm so that they are able to return pages with "related" keywords on the pages using what they call "search intent".  In the meantime, while this methodology is still a work in progress, we still need to add key words that our website should be found using to our website.  These keywords should be added in strategic places where google is looking for them in a way that is not "keyword stuffing".  We use what is called "white-hat" methods to put really good keywords on your website in helpful places not only for google but also for visitors.


TechCare will perform valuable keyword research using good tools that tell us how often people are looking for certain words, how competitive are those words, and offer related keywords as well.  We can also put these key words in places where google would like to see them (see our page on Search Engine Optimization).