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Install Local Schema and Structued Data Markup on Your Website

One thing you can do to help Google know where you are located and return your site for people searching in your geographic area is to install some code on your website that tells google about your location.  This is called "local SEO".  Examples of this information would be your address, geographic coordinates, phone number, etc.  When google visits your website, if you have this information "coded" correctly, google puts this information into their database.  Then if someone is searching for your services in your area, google is more likely to return your website.

You might ask, "Well I have this info on my contact page or in the footer, can't google just read this?" Well, yes but google is looking for a specific field to be populated to tell it where you exactly are on the world map.  The contact page is not formatted the way google is looking for it. For example, the city field should appear in the addressLocality field (see the screen shot below).

Local SEO is really important when considering your overall SEO strategy. See this article for more local SEO tips.


Google's Structured Data Testing Tool

Google has a tool you can use to check to see if you have local schema installed on your website already. If you test your website and you do not have a similar result, you should contact TechCare immediately. This is a simple process and has big impact.

Use the button below to run the test.  This is what it will look like if you do:


Local SEO Company

TechCare, a local SEO company, can install and configure software to tell Google about your business location.


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