How To Tell if My Website is Optimized (High Impact Requirements of Any Small Business Website)

Is your website performing? Are qualified leads finding your website?  Once these leads find your website, are they taking the next step and contacting you? Can you do more to make sure you are driving traffic to a website that is set up correctly?

High-Impact Website Requirements

Here is a checklist to use to discover if your site is optimized as much as possible or if you need to do a little work.  These items are high-impact.  If you have some items on this list that are not complete, contact us and we can help you!  Here at TechCare, we recommend doing all of these things first, and then if you are not seeing the results you are looking for, run some ads at that point.  As you can see, there is a LOT that is your responsibility as a website owner to take care of.  We love doing all of this, so if you are looking for help, just let us know!

  1. Google My Business
    • Google My Business Listing  Claimed
    • Google My Business Listing NAP (Name, Address Phone), Category, Website & Hours Complete and Correct 
    • Google My Business Listing 4-5 Star Reviews
    • Google My Business Listing Photos Added
  2. Directory listings and Citations the Same Across All Platforms
  3. Measure Your Backlinks and Verify They are Legit (White Hat)
  4. Website On-Page Optimization
    • Keyword Research as to What is Being Searched
    • Separate pages for each service/product you offer
    • One h1 Per Page, h2-6 Used Properly with Keywords
    • URLS Formatted Properly Using Keywords
    • Title and Meta Description set for each page/post
    • Local Schema Installed on Website 
    • At Least 300 Words Per Page
    • Keyword Phrases Used on Each Page in Content and Headings
    • Links to Other Areas of Your Website and Outside Your Website 
    • Blog Set Up and Active Postings with Posts Categorized and Tagged
  5. Website Design
    • Responsive Design
    • Visual, Emotional Design to Keep Visitors on Site (RankBrain)
    • Use of White Space
    • Use of Headings to Separate Content
    • Call To Actions Added to Pages
    • Clear Organized Menus
    • Use of Unique Images (Not Stocky) and Video
    • Fonts Unique and Interesting and Consistent Across Board
    • Use of Color Appropriate and Interesting
  6. Website Speed
    • Images and Video Optimized for Speed
    • Caching Plugin/CDN Installed
    • Good Hosting
  7. Social Media Business Accounts
    • Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram (minimum) Set up and Pointing Back to Website
    • Active Postings Driving Traffic Back to Website (Additional Postings Good, but Most Must Point Back to Website)
    • Boosting of Posts on Occasion
  8. Email Marketing
    • Use of Email Marketing to Drive Visitors to Your Website with Great Content and Offers
  9. Architecture of site
    • SSL Certificate Installed and Configured
    • PHP Version up to date
    • Backup Running on a Daily Automated Basis
    • Restore Easy to Complete
    • Supported, Updated Theme
    • Hosting Fast and Solid
    • Sitemap Installed (xml, page)
    • Google Search Console and Analytics Set Up to Track
    • Plugins, Themes, Extensions, WordPress Kept Up to Date on a Regular Maintenance Package


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