How to add an additional user to your Google Search Console account

Google Search Console is full of great information if you are looking for how your website is performing in Google Search!  Make sure you take a look at the reports and the data in your account.

If you are working with a website development agency or a company helping you with your SEO, you may need to add a user to your account. Follow the instructions below to add a user to your Google Search Console account:


  1. Log into your account at: › search-console
  2. At the bottom of the left hand menu, click Settings:

  3. Once you click Settings, you will see a menu on the right. Click Users and Permissions

  4. Click the large blue button to add a new user:

  5. Type in the email address ([email protected]) and click Add. Make sure that the permissions are set to full.

  6. That’s it!

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