WordPress Website Design & Development

Using the Best WordPress Has to Offer to Our Advantage

A modern, emotional, visual, responsive and highly organized website is key to gaining trust and new leads with potential and current customers.  For over 22 years, we have been building and refreshing websites for clients all over the United States.  We currently work on WordPress websites.

WordPress and the software we use makes it so easy to create websites that have the following elements:

  • Responsive Design
  • Visual, emotional design to keep visitors on site (RankBrain)
  • Use of White Space
  • Use of subheadings to separate content
  • Call to actions on pages
  • Clear, organized menus
  • Use of unique images (not stock-ish) and video
  • Fonts unique and interesting and consistent across the board
  • Use of color appropriate and interesting

Building From Scratch

Start with an idea

Building a website from scratch may sound difficult, but with us we make the process easy and enjoyable. We work with SEO plugins to generate more leads to your website which bring in the most business possible. With plugins and extensions we can create a personalized website for you to engage viewers and give your company a personalized touch.


In some cases, it would be too difficult or take too much time to update a website in its current form.  In these cases, it is actually less expensive to build a new website which most likely have a longer support period and with a more modern design, will "last" longer and work harder for your company. A good example of this would be if your website was built on a proprietary CMS.  Converting your site to open-source WordPress that is extendable and widely supported is a great idea.


Maintain Your Current Website

Keeping your website up to date is critcal

Your website is the face of your company and you want current clients and potential customers to be up to date on all of your new products and services. If your site looks strange because updates were not performed, or if your site was hacked because updates were not performed, you could lose out on potential sales.  Ask about our program where we update WordPress , themes and plugins on a regular basis.

website designer recommended

TechCare is a true professional

Just a quick note to say thanks for your patience with us, and tremendous abilities as a web developer. Jeff and I both feel the site will be above and beyond what we conceived it would look like. You challenged us on several fronts, and that was appreciated. Please feel free to show off our site to your prospective clients. Again, thanks. You are a true professional.

- horizonpaper.com