Email Marketing

Stay Top of Mind with Email Marketing!

Sending emails to your constituents can be an effective way to get your message out and stay top of mind! This type of "push marketing" is different than "pull".  Instead of waiting for people to visit your website (pull), you are pushing the content by sending it out to where your constituents are.


Start With An Effective Email Marketing Process

At TechCare, our goal with email marketing is to keep the original keyword-rich, in-depth content living on your website, and then sending out or pushing out a juicy snippet of that article to everyone's inbox with a link to click back to your website.  This does a few things:

  1. Google sees the traffic and notes it, helping your website position in search. If you send out the entire article with no click back, you do not get to take advantage of additional traffic
  2. Looking at the metrics of the open and click through ratios, you can tell who is interested in some material. This gives you ideas about contacting these people again since they showed interest
  3. Keeping the content living on your website allows it to be permanently indexed by google so you can enjoy the SEO value for years and years to come

Next Come Up With Fantastic Subject Lines to Increase Your Open Rate

After you send out your email, you may be pleased if you have a great open rate. This does not indicate that your constituents want your information or that they even read the email. What a high open rate indicates is a fantastic subject line!  This is step one and really an important first consideration.


Develop an Email Template to Encourage Readership and Click Throughs

Developing a beautiful template or two is really important for branding, getting people to actually read your email you have worked so hard on, and also to promote your click through rate.

If people feel emotionally happy and pleased when opening your email, they will be more likely to read through the email to see what information you have to give them.  Too much text crowding the page will more than likely cause recipients to delete your email without reading it.  Using white space, beautiful images or illustrations, colors, unique fonts and nice big beautiful buttons all helps with a beautiful template.

Giving the users a few great sub headings, then a few lines of compelling text with buttons to read the full article is an effective strategy that we can help you put together.