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Over the past 20+ years, TechCare has developed hundreds of websites.  Below are a few of our most recent websites.  TechCare always incorporates the latest design trends into our work. View the screenshots or visit their website and browse around!

Pro Resume Solutions

Slick, Professional, Easy to Navigate
Our client was starting a new business doing sometihng he loves: helping others to achieve their best selves. He needed a new website that indicated: WORK! We were able to design a gorgeous, easy to navigate site for him!
Branding & Logo Changes, Video, Events
TechCare helped San Marinos update their logo as well as their website. We felt that visitors should received a strong emotional response when first viewing the website so we encouraged the owners to create a video of delicious food and cozy ambiance. See the results here. The photography is stupendous, and is all theirs, which makes visitors' mouths water! Time to mangiare!!

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Confident, Trusted Authority
Christine was opening a brand new firm and wanted an online presence that showed her experience, compassion, and her competence.

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Manufacturing, Store, SEO
Custom Ts n More had an older website that did not highlight how many services they provide and show how they do everything in-house. Adding an online store as well was a huge benefit!

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Simple, Elegant Portfolio
Julie Thome has never had a website because their reputation nationwide speaks for itself. In 2020, they finally decided to put a portion of their portfolio online. Using very clean lines, a distinctive and artistic look, TechCare was able to create a lush, rich, gorgeous website that highlights the beautiful draperies they create.

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Whimsey, artistic, informational
We were super excited to built this website. This brand-new coffee shop is located in a very old, gorgeous, stone building. We wanted to show some of the building although it is under construction, so we were able to use drawings to enable the visitor to imagine what it will be like to step inside the coffee shop. Using their branding guidelines, some whimsical icons, and their photos, we were able to create a website that will drive business when it opens!

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Ecommerce Portfolio with Requests
The works of art need to stand out on a website that sells the art. We created a graphicly simple, yet gorgeous website that highlights the artists Patinae International represents, allowing visitors to learn more about the artist and inquire about pieces.

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Spanish and English versions
This was a complete website upgrade: back end was overhauled, as well as the visuals on the front end. In addition, a new Spanish website was employed using the subdirectory method.

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Clean Design, Informative Website, Engaging Photos
No stock photography was used on this website. Using the client's own video and photos, we were able to bring the services that Forum Plastics offers to life for the website visitor. Clean, easy-to-read content on the page is reinforced by pertinent images.

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Non- Profit Historical Society, Easy to Update Website
As an active Historical Society, the LCHS was unable to easily update their previous website. TechCare organized the site content with a new site map, as well as created online forms to replace the paper forms that they were using. This interactive site is useful for displaying events, taking donations, and taking orders for their products with a brand new online ecommerce shop!

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Integration with outside database, New Logo
TechCare took Cornerstone's logo and updated it to a modern, unique design by flattening the colors and standardizing the fonts. An outside database of over 16 million parts is accessible in an easy-to-use format keeping within Cornerstone's branding. Use of their own parts as background images lend a professional feeling to this website!

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Not for Profit Organziation, Database
A mobile-responsive website was important to the New Canaan Preservation Alliance as well as ability to edit their site easily. Using custom post types, TechCare also built a database to display property and team awards.

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Ticket Sales, Events, Donations Accepted
This was an exciting project has the Port Sanilac Lighthouse as thousands of visitors each year without having a website prior to this one! A new logo set the tone for the design of the rest of the site. We were also able to give the Lighthouse the ability to sell tickets online through their website for tours, which was brand new for them!

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Emotional, Simple Images
No one wants to think of busted plumbing in their home, or a person working on their electrical system. Using images that show the final resule of Ralph Mann's work, we created an emotionally pleasing, yet informative website.

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Bakery, Branding, Call to Actions
Dere Street was in need of a complete overhaul as the older site was built on software that had not been updated in years. This new software is responsive and allowed us to present bakery items in a personal way. TechCare used their photography to showcase the bakery items Dere Street sells.

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Video, Photos, Whimsical
Getting a feel for a preschool is of upmost importance for parents. TechCare took video and photos of the school and daily activities, enabling us to tell the story of the Montessori School of Redding through images and video.

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Complete Update, Photo Galleries, Lead Generation Forms
Solid Rock Landscaping features large photos to emphasize their top quality work. Featuring bold colors, an online portfolio and white space, this site is modern and responsive.

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Heavy Image Use, SEO
John Gregoras is known for their interior and exterior painting as well as work with specialty wallpapers and wall fabrics. Using large photos in a collage style, this site has a gallery-like feeling, emphasizing their unique work.

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Marketing, Graphics
Christopher Wright completely modernized their website. Amazing graphics, bold large fonts and lots of white space make this website feel gorgeous.

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Doctor's Office, Branding & Logo Changes, Call to Actions
Stamford Pediatrics moved from an orange and red-branded website to a welcoming purple, green and blue website! We upgraded their entire website so that the look and feel was more modern, while at the same time softening their brand with new colors.
Visual Website, Neutral Colors, Gallery
La Comida Social was looking to expand their custom bakery business with a website that would not only showcase their one-of-a-kind bakery items but also to increase leads. Each item is baked to order with custom design by the owner.

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Woocommerce Online Store, Variable Products
Sumax moved from an old, tired Yahoo! store with no consistency where it was difficult to understand what was for sale. This is site is not only beautiful and striking, but is organized so visitors can find what they are looking for, and are encouraged to shop. More photos of the beautiful work Sumax does are peppered throughout the site. You can feel the performance of their products, in addition to the color, just from the new website.

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Logo Development, Law Firm, NYC, Informational
Greenberg Freeman updated the back end of their site, moved their hosting from a extremely slow and old hosting package to a new, fast hosting package, all while getting a brand new much-needed facelift!

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Landscape Designer, Portfolios, Projects, Services
Ambrosio did a full scale upgrade including the back and and showing off the most gorgeous photos of their work.

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Food Truck, Events, Menus, Catering Requests
Twins BBQ updated the back end of their site so they could add events, photos, new menu items.

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Call to Actions, Videos, Testimonials
The Training Floor is driving new customers to their location with an exciting and vibrant new website full of inspirational sayings, inspirational videos, and easy forms for signing up.

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Woocommerce Store, Resources, Dealer Locator
The FireFarm built a new website to concentrate on the Outdoor Living aspect of their business. Built for the dealer, this website supplies a wealth of information

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Photos, Call to Actions, Information
Camp Playland of Redding overhauled their website which reflects their modern, fun, and educational camp. The website highlights photos of past years' campers and offers descriptions for potential new campers.

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Calming, Ease Anxiety, Online Forms
Most of Fairfield Endodontics customers are anxious and not looking forward to visiting their office for a root canal. Therefore, it was a priority to display Fairfield Endodontics' content in a calming, informative way.

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I’ve been a Techcare client since 2007 - over 10 years.

Techcare led me through the daunting process of creating a website that fit my business needs.  I’ve been a Techcare client since 2007 - over 10 years.  Jennifer is my go to person when I have questions or concerns and her warm and generous nature takes the sting out of the process.  

-Dr. Irene Wong