Website Safe and
Fast Hosting

We want your host to be fast, have amazing tools built in such as staging areas and backup/restore, and have good support.

Choose a Great Website Host

The host you choose for your website matters a LOT.  You can read more about this here .or watch our video here on what a website host is and why it is matters so much below.


How to Choose a Good Host

Hosts are something that is easy to change and sometimes hosts have issues over time, and for that reason we recommend paying for hosting a year at a time (not more than that).  We have hosting that we recommend at TechCare. We will look at your current hosting plan and when that plan expires and make decisions on what to do. We may or may not recommend that you move hosting.  Some companies are notoriously not good hosts, and we can help guide you in this decision.

Our shared and dedicated hosting comes with:

  • Fast servers
  • Backup included
  • Easy restore
  • Free SSL
  • Staging Areas
  • Scalable Hosting on the Fly
  • Updated PHP version



Malware Protection

Hackers are always looking for websites that have outdated software or firewalls to hack into.  Wordpress is a really popular Content Management System, so if hackers can get into one WordPress installation, they most likely can get into others!  You don't want your website to one day be redirected to a pornography website, or have a black or blue screen appear with a foreign language on it.  This has happened to our customers in the past!

There are multiple ways to avoid this, but our recommendation is to subscribe to an amazing service that polices your site 24 hours a day and detects and wrong-doing.  If something is detected, your site will be automatically cleaned in a few minutes without waiting days or weeks with a site that is down.

We will install, configure and monitor your website for malware!

website designer recommended

TechCare produced an award-winning WordPress website for us in only a few weeks

TechCare produced an award-winning --at least in my opinion-- WordPress website for us in only a few weeks. They helped us pick out photographs and I must admit the site is very impressive and a positive reflection on our business to all customers and prospective customers that what to “check us out.” TechCare did my original site in 2004, and the technology has really improved so that they can turn out an even more impressive product in a relatively short period of time. Finally, TechCare is an excellent “teacher” and can work with even the most challenged (from a technical perspective) to understand the process.