Hosting Plans – Do They Matter in Terms of Speed?

One of my clients, Web Corner Stores,  has many ecommerce websites using WordPress and Woocommerce selling rug pads like all Wool Rug Pads.  We noticed that when we launched the original websites, they sites were slow.  Moving from page to page was slow and loading the home page sometimes took 10 or 15 seconds!  This really is not acceptable!  At that point, we had a shared hosting account, and realized that we needed something a little faster.

We found Rackspace’s Cloud Sites, which was reasonable priced for many sites and had a guaranteed uptime, which mattered a lot to us. So we moved all the sites. After a while, we realized that again the sites were slow!

Do Hosting Plans Control How Fast Your Website Is?

Now we are in the process of moving to Rackspace’s Cloud Server hosting and the result is night and day.  Before the final move, I did some screencasts so you can see for sure the difference.  This is what I did:

I backed up each website using Blogvault and then set up the Cloud Server space. Created a DNS record for and then pointed that migration subdomain to the IP address of the Cloud Server site. The Cloud Sites were the original domain name and still on that hosting. Then I took a screencast of how long each took to come up. You will see that there is a dramatic difference. Also, I would like to point out that I did this at 6:30am EST, so I think if I had done this at like 4:30EST the results would have been even more dramatic due to Internet usage at that time.

Watch this short video and see if you can tell a difference.  Cloud Server/new sites on the left.  Cloud Sites/old sites on the right.


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