How to Choose a Host

I always get this question from clients and friends and acquaintances:  who should I use for hosting?  How should I choose a host?  Should I host my website at my company?

There are so many choices the answer to this is like saying, “What kind of apple should I use for baking in my apple pie?”  Sure, there are certain considerations for the apples:  are they firm?  mushy?  tart?  sweet?   large?  Many people have different opinions on this.  But, if you choose an apple, bake it with some nice brown sugar and spices with a super buttery crust, it will come out pretty good and people will love it.

The same applies to hosting, in my mind.  Although, there are a few things that I personally look for in a web host, and I recommend that my clients do the same.  Here are my top four requirements for picking a good host:

  1. Does your host allow you to register unlimited domains for the same price?  You may not believe this, but some day you may want to register your child’s website, a new venture you are going to be part of, or a personal blogging site.  Just make sure you have the room to grow in case you need it.
  2. Is the host on the backbone of the Internet?  If your pages are not served up quickly, people will move on.  You need a host that has great throughput.
  3. Does this host have a great control panel?  There are a few known good control panels.  Make sure the host you are looking at is using a control panel that will let you easily manage email accounts, domain information, billing, FTP accounts, software installs, etc.  It will make your life much easier in the long run.
  4. Pricing:  compare the pricing and what you get or don’t get for each plan.  Sometimes there are so many options in the basic plan that you don’t need.  Make sure that you are paying for what you get and you are not paying for things you don’t need.  Compare the options first.
  5. Support:  Probably one of the most important….is there a number to call?  Are the support hours long?  Where in the world are the support teams located?  This will pay for itself in spades if your site is hacked, broken, or when you need help!

I have used different hosts in the past.  Right now I am referring people to  My site is hosted there.  If you are looking for a host, click the link below to be sent over there.  With the link below, you will get the same great rates from but you will be supporting TechCare as well!


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