Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now that you have your web site created and up and running, you’d like to climb higher in Google’s rankings. This can be a daunting task. There are companies out there that can help you with your SEO, but here are some things you should try first before calling in the big guns (with the big price tags).

  1. Come up with your key words and phrases you would like to focus on. Pick several, but not more than 10. Less is better. These are words that when people type them into Google for a search, you would like your web site to appear on page one.
  2. Take those words and give them to someone who likes puzzles.  Have that person make a paragraph or two out of the words!
  3. Next, make sure that these words appear on pages all over your site in the text of the page.
  4. Go though your entire web site and tag each image with your key words. This can be done in a nice sentence. For example, if you are a company that sells winter gloves, you might type, “Warm fleece gloves keep your hands warm.” Use the ALT tag to do the tagging of the pictures.
  5. Title your pages with your company name and a few of the key words/phrases. Your title is what appears in the browser title bar (the blue bar at the top of the page for Win users, Grey for Mac). Don’t make it crazy long, because this is also what will be bookmarked if someone bookmarks your page, but make it relevant.
  6. Create a site map and post a link to the site map on your web site.
  7. Create a Google Webmaster Tools account. Link your website to your email address. Then, Google will give you some code to insert into your web page so that Google can analyze your site. Put that code in the the header of your web site.
  8. In Google Webmaster Tools, set up ad words. Choose the words you would like to have people pay per click, choose the amount you would like to spend and set it up. Check your results
  9. Who is your competition? Type your phrases/words into Google and see who your competition is. If it is listings of other similar companies, find out how you can get listed on their web sites
  10. Get links back to your web site. Are you members of organizations? Ask them to link back to you. If you can have them link some of your phrases to your site, even better. You need other people linking to your web site. If you pay for links, and Google finds out, your ratings may go down. Don’t go that way if you can. Get real links.
  11. Finally, make sure your site is registered with Google, Yahoo and other search engines!

Wait some time after doing this. See what happens. If your results still are not satisfactory, hire a SEO company. They are experts at this.

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