Writing, Posting, Scheduling Blog Posts

Writing fresh content can really improve your visibility online, boost traffic to your website and keep people on your site longer, all important signals for google

How Often Should I Post a Blog Post?

We recommend posting at least once a month, up to a few times per week.  Start off with 1-4 times a month and see how this goes, and adjust from there!


Writing fresh content can be a key element in the success of your website.

Option 1

WE Can Write Your Blog Posts for You!

Writing blog posts can be a chore for some people as there is no time to get this done in addition to working our regular jobs!  

TechCare can write your blog posts for you and this is what we will do:

  1. You send us at least one photo, the topic, and three subheadings or ideas about this topic
  2. Our amazing writer will write a great article that is at least 300 words, has keywords in the proper places, is tagged and categorized, contains a title and meta description, and is interesting to read!  
  3. After we write this article, see our options for sending out the post to social media accounts.  Driving traffic back to your website with quality content is our goal.

Option 2

YOU Can Write Your Blog Posts, Too!

If you have the desire and the ability to write your own post, we can help you by posting and formatting the posts online.  Here is how this works:

You write and article and include at least one photo.  Make sure you have included keywords in your title, subheadings in the article, and in the actual content. Send us the article and the photos and we will do the following:

  1. Post the article to your blog
  2. Schedule the article if it needs to go out later, or make it live immediately
  3. Optimize and rename your images with key words and post them to the article
  4. Format your headings with proper tags
  5. Add a title and meta description to each article
  6. Categorize and tag your article
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Look at what you did for me....all because of the hashtag...I LOVE YOU...you are the best and amazing! Thank you so much Jennifer

-Erin Weachter