Social Media Management and Postings


Your Trusted Marketing Department

When you hear this:
"You have to post to social media for your business!"
do you feel overwhelmed or stressed out?

Over and over we hear the advice that we need to post to social media.  We need to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GMB, Pinterest and Instagram at the least!

But most of us do not use all of these services,
do not have the desire to use all of these services,
or do not have the time to use all of these services!

You can stop worrying.  Read on and hand over this trusted part of your business to us, AFTER you understand WHY and HOW posting to social medial will help your business.

Organize Your Social Media Posts So It Becomes Second Nature, Easy and Effective


Our Social Media Platform - Making it Easy

At TechCare, our platform allows us to post to these services for you. We can post as often or as little as your time and budget allows.  We can schedule posts out into the future, even the next year, so your messaging is planned out or we can post when we have content ready.


This is how it works:


  1. We onboard your accounts onto our system
  2. You or TechCare writes a blog post, formatted properly with at least one image
  3. We send this out to Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn, Twitter, GMB, Instagram and possibly Pinterest (if your own photo)
  4. We #hashtag and @tag your post, correct the image size, possibly write a new title, and add a link back to the post
  5. Once a month we will send you a report of your postings and how they performed.

Social Media Account Setup

We can help you set up your social media accounts.  When you get going, there are decisions to be made and we can help you with those. We have documentation ready to send over to you with step-by-step instructions on how to get your social online presence off the ground!


Monitoring Social Media

Monitoring your social media posts for comments - both positive and negative - is important.  Actively responding to positive comments can further build your relationship with your followers.  Responding to negative comments in a proactive way can do incredible damage control by showing other followers that you recognize that you make mistakes that you work hard to rectify issues, and you want your customers to have a great experience with your company.

We will monitor your social media accounts and give a short response to positive comments.  If there is a negative comment, we will send this comment over to you for your review to see if you know this customer or what happened in this situation.  We will ask you to formulate a response after you have done your due-diligence in your office and we will offer modifications if necessary and then post your response.