Why Should Your Business Post to Social Media? Two Big Reasons.

There are two big reasons your small business should post to social media:

  1. Stay Top of Mind and
  2. Drive Visitors to Your Website


Stay Top of Mind with Billboards for your Business

When your followers run into their friend at the grocery store or see their colleague at the water cooler at work and their friend or colleague mentions that they need a service or product that you are offering, you want them to recommend your company.  Your followers are more likely to recommend you to someone else or to call you themselves if you are on top of their mind. Have they heard from you recently?  Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google business are similar to billboards on the highway: they allow you to get in front of your potential customers and referrers easily and quickly! Followers see your presence while surfing their social media and keep you at the top of their minds.


Drive visitors back to your Website

When you have a good social media strategy, you will be driving traffic back to your website. When you drive traffic to your website, Google notices this and may give you a lift in search.  Google wants to return websites that people find interesting with useful information. If more people are visiting your website, Google views this positively.

Once people arrive at your website, we want to keep them there for over 3 minutes (Dwell Time). Google also notices how long people hang around on your website. If visitors spend more time on your pages, Google assumes you are providing useful content, stories, and information to your visitors, and Google likes this!  They even have a name for this – RankBrain!


What is the Best Method or Process for Posting to Social Media?

An effective strategy for Small Business Social Media Posting is to begin with your own website. Write a post or a news article on your own website, post a new gallery of photos or a new portfolio item.  You could even post a new product.  Then write about this item. Write at least 300 words on this topic.

Next, link to this article/post/product/gallery/portfolio item from your social media accounts. Think of an amazing line to hook your followers in so that they want to read the whole item on your website. Of course, you know that this is amazing information, you just need to let your followers know that they will really find this interesting, too!!!


How Many Social Media Posts Should I Post?

You should post as frequently as your time and budget allows, taking into consideration also how often your followers would like to hear from you.


What if I Don’t Have Time to Write Posts?

Many business owners are busy running their own business and find that they do not have the time to write articles about what they are doing during the course of the business day and so they don’t post at all.  In these cases, it is a great idea to hire someone to manage this process for you.

If you are hiring someone to write and/or post for your company, they may charge by the number of posts which is a consideration when deciding how many posts to send out in a month.


Featuring Products or Services as Social Media Posts

Another option to keep at least top of mind without spending a lot of time is to either feature a product or service you already have on your website.  Featuring a product or service you already have on your website could be as simple as looking at the current product or service and possibly beefing up the description or photos just a bit so that when visitors arrive to the product or service there is some content to keep them on your website for 3.1 minutes. Some simple ideas would be to add a story about this product, add examples of how it could be used, add a video of the product in use or a review of the product, or add related product listings to the page so that visitors have somewhere to go after they view this product (assuming they don’t want to purchase this product!).


Sharing Articles as Social Media Posts

Of course, you can always share other content that you see on the Internet quickly and easily with your followers which is a good strategy for “fill-in” posts.  These posts won’t drive visitors back to your website, but will create engagement on your page if the articles you are sharing are of interest to your followers.  The BEST way to share content you find on the Internet is to actually write a blog post or news article about this article; maybe sharing your opinion on the article’s contents.  This way, you are sharing important information, while also adding new, fresh content to your website, and then driving followers back to your website to read this article.


How Can I Find Someone Trustworthy to Help me with my Social Media Posts?

TechCare can help you with your Social Media Strategy by managing your postings, writing your content, and measuring your results. Contact us below by filling out the form to learn more about your options!

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