How We Work


You Will Have Full Control
Over Your Website

If you are beginning your search for a website developer, be sure to ask if you will have Administrator access to your website.  Do not assume that your website developer will give you administrator access to the back end of your website when you are done.

At TechCare, we believe you are paying for your website, it belongs to you.  You should own all parts of the site.  You may never want to edit your website yourself, but you should always have full control over your website.  

We Will Build Your Website For Longevity and Portability

We will build your website on software that is updated and is supported in the WordPress community. Using supported themes and plugins assures you that your website can grow with your changing business. In a few months you can add a new section, add new functionality, create new forms, build landing pages, etc.  We build websites that are flexible and standardized with the idea that we know our website will attract more business to your company, and you will need to grow your website accordingly.  


Here's the Process

1 We Decide About Hosting

You may need to change your hosting account because you

a) are possibly overpaying
b) have a host that does not update their software
c) have a host that is known for hacked websites
d) have a host with terrible/non-existant support.

We will decide this together

2 We Build Your Website

This the the big one.  The steps for building the website are outlined below.  We will gather content and assets (images, photos, text, etc) from you and will build a beautiful, user-friendly website.

3 We Train You to Edit the Website

We will have an hour session to review how to edit your website.  This will get you a head start in being able to keep your website up to date with new and fresh information!  Most likely this will be done remotely so you can be anywhere on earth with a computer and an Internet connection!

4 We Maintain the
Software on the Website

Sign up for our monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly service and we will keep the software on your website updated. It is important to keep your site up to date so that security holes are closed with updated software and so that when one software updates, it will be less likely to break your other software.

5 You or We Maintain
the Content on the Website

Here's where you grow and your website ROI is seen.  Keeping content fresh and up to date on your website is important. Update forms, notices, announcements, blog posts, photos, etc on a regular basis.  Add landing pages, gated content, new call to actions.  We can do this 100% for you or you can do this 100%,
or some combination.  We are flexible and
will work with you and your staff's
abilities and needs.

Here's the Website Building Process


Step 1


When we approach a new website project, we place a high value on the organization, quality and presentation of content.  We start your project by learning about your product or services and then taking that information and organizing it so that visitors to your site will find what they are looking for quickly and easily.  By doing this, not only will your site be user friendly, but will also lend itself well for getting found by Google (SEO – Search Engine Optimization).

Step 2


After we organize your content nicely, we work on presentation to show off the character of your company or organization.  We realize that imagery is important for conveying your message, and for keeping visitors on your site and coming back again.

If you have photos, we will take a look and let you know if they are usable.  You may need to hire a photographer and we can guide the photographer as to what types of photos we need.

If you are planning on using stock photography, we will help you to find photos that look less "stocky" and more natural. We can help you with icons, images, photos and details as well.


Step 3


Now is time to build each page of your website. We look at each section of content individually.  We will break content up, highlight content, show it off in the best way possible.

Step 4

Go Live

Here is where having an expert can really pay off.  We will "Go Live" with your new website,  which means changing DNS records, helping to move email, publishing your pages, connecting with Google, and so much more.  Don't worry you don't need to do much here. We will take care of this for you!


Step 5


After your site it up, please do not forget about it.  TechCare will maintain your software for a low monthly fee after we are live.

In addition to keeping the software up to date, you should be updating photos, text, events, blog posts, landing pages, forms, sliders, portfolios, menus, packages, products, etc!!!  We can help you come up with great ways to keep your website up to date!  If you would like us to make the updates, Great!  We would love to help you!