Definitely not. We can work on websites of all types.

No! Our customers are based all over the USA!  From New England to California, we work with customers in all 50 states effectively.

Yes. Most of our clients don't have the time to update their site so we do it for them. But if you want to learn, we're happy to teach you. 

We know you hate to hear, "it depends" but since your website would be a custom site, a number of factors will affect cost.

Most of the websites range between $4,000 - $10,000, although we work on websites that cost less or more.

Great question! We aim for three months in general.  Sometimes we work with customers in a focused manner and are able to launch their sites in record time as well (less than three months). In actuality, most of the websites we work on end up taking about 4-5 months, but our goal is still 3 months.  The faster you supply us with the text and pictures, the faster we can get it done.  We can help you with this. Take a look at a great article we wrote here to help you write copy for your website.

Yes! We will set up your site with proper SEO techniques, and we offer all new clients options for optimizing pages on your website.

Yes! Mobile responsiveness is a basic requirement these days, and we will absolutely build your site so that it looks fantastic on mobile devices such as tablets and phones.