Questions you may have

We primarily work on WordPress websites here at TechCare, but we do work on some other platforms from time to time.  If you have a WordPress site we would love to help you! If you have another type of website let's talk and see if we are a good fit for each other.

No! Our customers are based all over the USA!  From New England to California, we work with customers in all 50 states effectively.  We use tools such as video conferencing so that it seems like we are all in the same room strategizing together!

Yes, if you would like that!  We train all of our customers who would like to update their websites themselves. If you would like us to update your website content, we are more than happy to do that as well. We work with our customers the way it works best for their business model and resources.  

Website cost varies depending on a few factors including the number of pages, the complexity of functionality (For example, do you need an e-commerce site? How about special databases?). Most of the websites we build for our customers are in the $4,000 - $10,000 range, although we do work on websites that cost less or more.  Our proposals and process are very thorough, so contact us so we can let you know what your investment will be.

Great question! We aim for three months in general.  Sometimes we work with customers in a focused manner and are able to launch their sites in record time as well (less than three months). In actuality, most of the websites we work on end up taking about 4-5 months, but our goal is still 3 months.  Where the process slows down most of the time is when it gets to writing the copy or text for the website.  We can help you with this. Take a look at a great article we wrote here to help you write copy for your website.

Yes!  We will set up your site with proper SEO techniques, and we offer all new clients options for optimizing pages on your website.  WordPress has also been built from the ground up to be easy for Google to understand, and there are many tools we can use to make our pages even more SEO-friendly.  

Yes! Mobile responsiveness is a basic requirement these days, and we will absolutely build your site so that it looks fantastic on mobile devices such as tablets and phones.