Decisions to Make When Setting Up a Woocommerce Store

Setting up your online store can be an exciting adventure!  If you have chosen woocommerce as your shopping cart, TechCare can help you put the whole thing together. There are many decisions to be made, and questions we will have for you. For example, we are going to ask you how you plan on charging for shipping: by the dollar amount, free shipping, by the weight, dimensions?  You may have not thought of how you will charge for shipping and this is a good time to start thinking about that.  Another thing we will ask you regarding your online shopping cart setup will be if you would like to track inventory on your site. If you do, would you like to display how many are left in stock on the front end of the website?  How about coupons: Would you like to take coupons on your website?  Don’t forget about email setup – would you like to get an email every time a customer places an order and if so, what email address should the email go to?

In addition to the store setup, there are lots of extensions out there to enhance your store. Some are free but most are paid and can really make your store run smoothly!  For example, would you like to have shoppers give you information when purchasing an item such as custom size info or monogramming?  Would you like to print packing lists or invoices?  How about offering special types of coupons that are applied when certain items are ordered? All of those fun additions to your store are possible with woo commerce and TechCare can help you implement these extensions!

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