How to Create Video for your Website Without Using a Video Camera

Here is a real, live example of how one of my clients created a fantastic video to touch their client base’s hot spots without using a video camera.   This example is an inspiration to all of us.

There are many ways to create video content for your website.  You could hire a specialized company which will create a stunning, professional video or you could attempt to create one yourself. Many times, a video will be thought of as “a nice idea” but will not be put into practice for a myriad of reasons:  hiring a professional company may be out of the budget, people are nervous to be in front of a camera, some are nervous the video quality will be inferior, or they do not have the correct equipment such as a tripod or light kit.  The reasons are endless why businesses are not creating more video content.

One of our clients found a perfect solution that enabled them to create a professional video without all of the issues above.

You can use the following process below that they used to create their video:

  1. Develop a short script that explains your product in enough detail to pique interest, but general enough to keep the flow of information moving
  2. Record the script on your computer using a microphone
  3. Next, sketch out some sample slides that would go along with the audio, using stick figures and word bubbles.
  4. Take the sketches to a cartoonist, like Amy Cabot, to draw professionally.
  5. Send us at TechCare: the cartoons as .jpg files, the script as a document, and the script file as an audio file.  We will import the images and audio, changing slides where noted in the documented script.
  6. Next, the movie should have some background music to keep the viewer’s attention.  Since we all know it is illegal to use licensed music that you hear on the radio in your videos, we will purchase royalty-free music which allows us to purchase and use the music.  We will find a piece that is the correct length and mood for our video.  The new audio was added to the video.
  7. W will export the movie easily as a web ready file.
  8. We will have you set up a professional Vimeo account where the files are hosted so that they stream fast to the end user’s computer.
  9. We will add the video to your website

Are you using video on your website to promote your brand, give more detail, or create excitement?  Now is the time to use video to your advantage.

And people are watching.  We love video.  comScore, a company which measures the digital world, recently reported that “that 181 million U.S. Internet users watched nearly 40 billion videos of online video content in January.”  Interesting.

So what does this mean for you?  It means that if you can think of a way to showcase a feature of your business, explain a product, or create excitement, you should create a video for your site as well.


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