WordPress Insert into Post is not Working! – How to Fix!


You are working away on your WordPress site.  You go to your theme options or some other options where you can add a logo or special image, like a post category image, or a portfolio category image, or a theme option such as a logo.

You click the button to upload image or browse your Media Library.  You find your image.  You click Insert into Post and nothing happens! The place where the path to the image should appear stays blank 


You may or may not notice it right then, but when you see that the box for the file URL stays blank you try over and over and can’t figure out why!


This may not be the only reason why this is happening, but this has happened many times to us and hopefully the fix is this easy for you!  You need to make sure that when you upload your image, that under Link URL, the File URL is chosen. Make sure None is NOT chosen. So originally when you were having this issue, your Link URL was blank.


And when the File URL is chosen for the link and you click Insert into Post, Voila!  Your image path will appear and the image will appear on your WordPress website!!

Now on to the next item of business!

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