Own Your Website


Your Business. Your Website.


Administrator Access

Have powerful IDs and Passwords

If you have paid for your website, you own it. You should have administrator access to your website just like any other item you have paid for.

When you work with TechCare, LLC we will give you administrator access to your website.


What If I Mess It Up?

I'm running my business, I'm not a web developer!

We understand that when you have powerful administrator access to your website, there is the possibility you may mess something up.  There are a few options to avoid this scenario:

  1. If you would like we can create one id you use on a regular basis to edit content, but you still have access to the administrator ID and password since you own the website
  2. We can make all of your content changes and we will not mess things up :-).
  3. If you do mess something up, just give us a call and we will either fix the issue or restore the page!