Choose a Good WordPress Theme


Save Money, Time, and Frustration

All WordPress websites are built upon a theme.  Choosing a theme has major implications, and should not be taken lightly.  Most likely your website developer will choose a theme for you and will be one that they are comfortable working with which is helpful so the developer can move along quickly without having to ramp up on a new theme learning new software and behavior as they build your website.

Watch Our Video on What is a WordPress Theme?

Themes with Lots of Options or Less Options?

The theme can be very minimal and stripped down, or come with lots of options.

Lots of options make it easy to make changes to things like fonts and colors, where you logo appears on the page, and other styling options.  This makes it very fast and easy to build your site, possibly saving you money.  Be careful, though, as some themes with a lot of options can be bloated and slow down your website.

Themes with few options may be lean and run faster, but you also may need to know more coding to make changes.

The goal is to find a WordPress Theme with enough options to make your website stand out from the rest, but not too many that your website is slowed down.

Choosing a supported theme that is updated can save you from failure

Commercial or Custom Theme

TechCare believes in using proven, supported themes that are commercially available for purchase.  Most websites have similar needs: display information about services the company offers, generate leads using forms and downloads, display upcoming events to involve customers, display photos of work completed, offer products for sale, and more.  These types of websites are able to utilize commercial themes and we pay only a very small portion of the development cost to write this theme.

Custom themes can be expensive in the short term and in the long term. In the short term, you are paying one company or person to write lines and lines of code for your company.  Now, they may write a custom theme and base all of their clients on that one theme, so you are not necessarily paying for all of our hours, but this brings us to our next point and how you pay in the long term:

When you are using a custom theme, most likely the developer who wrote the theme is not writing updates to the theme every month and updating your back end. Therefore, when WordPress updates or browsers update your website can display strangely.

In addition, if you need to change to a new developer for one reason or another, the new developer will not know the custom theme well. If many things have been hard coded into the theme, you may not be able to easily make changes to your website to reflect your growing business.