Choose Good Website Hosting


Your Home For Your Website Matters

Your website and files need to live somewhere on some server that is connected to the Internet.  Website hosts run software that displays your website and there are many to choose from. Some popular names of hosts are Flywheel, WP Engine, GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, SiteGround, Media Temple, Green Geeks, Network Solutions, and more.  Choosing a good host is very important as we outline below.  Please note that if you choose a good host now, in a few years, this may not be the best host any more.


Watch a recent video we put together on choosing a good website host!


Website Hosting With Good Support

Can you call? Chat? Email?  

There are two considerations with regards to hosting support:

  1. Access: Can you call or chat with the hosting company or are they email only?  If you have an emergency, the last thing you want to do is wait for support to receive an email. Emailing support is a viable option many times, but having immediate access to your host is important
  2. Quality of Support: When your developer contacts support, do they know more than the person on the other end of the line?  Many hosting companies need to have support technicians that support many types of languages and software, therefore, they may not be proficient in WordPress.  A front line support team who knows WordPress well can save you time and stress!

Fast Website Loading Time

Speed Matters

The faster your website loads, the more time visitors will stay on the website.  The speed of your website depends on many factors including how large your images are, how the theme is written, how updated your software is, but if you do not have a fast host, these other factors won't fix the basic issue.  Start with a fast host and then build your website properly and enjoy visitors staying on your site for longer.


Backup Included

Feel Safe and Confident

You can sleep better at night when backup that is easy to restore, is automatic, and is reliable is included with hosting.  There are many ways to backup your WordPress website, but what really matters is the restore.  TechCare likes to choose hosting plans with viable backup included.

Great Tools

Save time 

Hosting accounts with great tools for developers saves time and money.  Some hosts use a standard cPanel with standard software and others have their own proprietary software.  Having the ability to backup, restore, force SSL, clear cache, manage users, possibly even a staging area, etc saves developers time and money.