Install Viable WordPress Backup


Your Data is Only is as Good as Your Backup

Do Not Assume Your Website is Backed Up

Backup is Number One

How much money, time and effort is your website worth?

We have been in business for over 20 years.  Backup is thankfully becoming more common, but for most of the past 20 years, we have had websites brought to us with no backup installed.  We can not stress how important WordPress Backup is.


Your Backup Should:

Backup Up Files AND Databases

This is not like the files on your computer or html websites in the olden days. With a WordPress Backup you must backup BOTH the files and the databases.

Run Automatically

Your backup should run at least once a day and should keep copies for at least a few weeks.  You should not need to initiate the backup.

Save the Backups Offsite

If your backup files are stored on the same server as your website, you have one point of failure.  If using a backup solution provided by your hosting company, these files are most likely stored off site. If you are using a plugin, make sure the files are kept on a separate server.

Why is Backup So Important?

Note: This should cause you to feel slightly panicked

  • Your site may get hacked and display an ugly message that someone has taken it over
  • Your site may display pornography or redirect to a porn website
  • Your site may contain malware which is attracting visitors looking for other things and your host may shut your site down
  • An update may run which conflicts other software and breaks your website
  • You may make a big change and mess something up


Each of these items has happened on multiple occasions over the past 20 years to our customers.  TechCare recommends and puts into place good backup solutions.


Most Importantly, Though:

How Easy is it to Restore Your Backup?

  • Is your backup easy to restore?
  • Is it automatic?
  • Will everything be put back properly?
  • Do you need to make code/path adjustments after a restore?
  • How long will it take you?

Your backup should be easy to restore. You should be able to enter some minimal information or simply click a button, and the restore should take place.

If this is not the case for you and your backup, contact TechCare today.