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The process of creating a web site can be exciting and fun, and also a lot of work. The general process of creating a web site or refreshing a web site is below.

The amount of time that a web site will take from start to finish depends on many factors, including how motivated the client is, how productive the client is, time of year (vacations), etc. For your reference, approximate times are given to complete each task. It should be noted, however, that some websites come together very quickly, as the client has much of the information prepared in advance.

We hope that this list below gives you a good idea of what will happen and how we will create your new, fantastic web site! Time to begin!!

  1. Create a “site map” or navigation – that includes all the pages desired (or if web site present, all pages currently on the web site and ones that the client would like to add) Determination of where these pages will be found on the web site. Determine where the website will grow. [1-2 weeks]
  2. Come up with key words and 10 word sentences [1 week]
  3. Obtain logo and colors [time is depending on if a company is employed, TechCare,LLC designs logo or if logo is already in place]
  4. A host is found and set up if needed
  5. Review other sites the client likes and come up with some designs for home pages. Client selects one. [1-4 weeks]
  6. TechCare designs interior pages and client selects one of those. [1-3 weeks]
  7. All pages are programmed out, templates are created and a skeleton of the website is placed in a staging/working area. [1-3 weeks]
  8. Graphics are purchased or photographer hired if needed. [1-3 weeks]
  9. Text is written by client and given to TechCare, LLC for insertion into first draft of web site. [1-3 weeks]
  10. Client downloads and installs a program (purchased separately) that will let the client edit text and pictures on the web site. For ongoing future changes, personnel or otherwise, client will be able to change the text on the site whenever they would like to. For items like menu changes, TechCare, LLC will need to make those, but those should come up infrequently. Client will be able to add PDFs, create new pages, etc. Training will be given on the software either remotely or in person [1-3 weeks]
  11. After client has approved all pages with text and photos/pictures, the website is moved to the production server and is live [1-4 weeks]

After you have created your site, you can then begin your process of refining your Search Engine Optimization. Read more here….

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