Website Bootcamp


Build A 2-6 Page Website By the End of the Year

Website Bootcamp

Do you want to create a website for your business?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you procrastinating on getting it done?


At TechCare LLC, we understand it’s hard to find the time for anything other than running your business. We are a local business located in the center of New Fairfield and we have been building websites for 22 years.



We want to help small businesses get more business and leads from having an online presence so we are introducing Website Boot Camp.

Let's Get a Website Done in 2019

Website Bootcamp

$800.00 November 19th - December 31st

  • Available through November 19- December 31st
  • Complete 2-6 Page Website
  • Professional Design
  • Responsive for Mobile Devices
  • Built with WordPress
  • 2 Forms: Contact and Lead Generation
  • Google Analytics + Google Search Console Set up

What Is Website Boot Camp?

It’s exactly what it sounds like without compromising quality.

We will help you build a small standard website that is 2-6 pages (this includes a contact and home page) that will help gain leads. In this bootcamp, you will give us all of your text and photos at once.

If you would like to work more efficiently we invite you to come into our beautiful office any time from 10 am- 6pm which features floor to ceiling windows, water, access to coffee and pizza for purchase - and sit down to organize your thoughts, content, photos, logins, and needs in a distraction-free environment.

After you hand us all of your organized content, we will properly design and develop your new website that includes all of your content in 5 business days.

How Does It Work?

  1. Contact TechCare to sign up
  2. Sign the contract and pay the invoice
  3. Send us a few websites you like if you have some that you like
  4. Either chose a day you will deliver via email or Dropbox with all of your text and photos or pick a day to come into the our office and bang out your content in a distraction-free environment
  5. We will give you a to do list to take care of during this time
  6. After your have finished your content, we will build an amazing website for you within one week
  7. You will review the site for any modifications
  8. We go live with your website, set up your SSL certificate and install Google Analytics and Search Console

What Happens After I Give You The Content

We will take your content and develop a full-fledged WordPress website using our software. You will receive a custom designed website-yes, truly custom- with your photos and content within 5 business days that is 100% yours. This means if you want to change or delete items- go ahead! It’s yours!

We also offer a Monthly Maintenance program which we highly recommend and we will be happy to discuss with you.

What do you Need to Get this Done?

  1. A domain name. If you don't have a domain name yet, please register one at
  2. Hosting account. If you don't have hosting or it is bad hosting, we have hosting that we have on special pricing for this deal for $20 a month for the year which includes free SSL Certificate and daily backups.
  3. Your logo, preferably in transparent format. If you don't have a logo we have logo services or we can use text instead.
  4. WORKING logins to a) Registrar b) Name Server c) Hosting d) Website CMS*
  5. Photos of your work. If you don't have photos, we have access to low cost and free stock photography, so don't worry.
  6. Text/Words for the pages. You will write this if you have not already.  Either in a place of your choice or here in our office.
  7. Time. You MUST complete this process by December 31, 2019.** 

Can I See Examples of Website Bootcamp Websites?

Yes, of course! Just visit

These are websites that will be similar to what you will receive. They are custom designed websites with 3-6 pages that were built in a short period of time. While you are at it, take a look at our entire portfolio!

Interested In A Website But Not Website Bootcamp?

Just let us know and we can truly dive into the process of giving you a website. View our portfolio by clicking the link below.


Super Important Small Print

*If your logins do not work, we will add $50 for each incorrect username/password combination.

**If you go over this time, meaning you do not complete the process by December 20, 2019, we will charge you to complete the process at our regular hourly rate.