UberMenu – the Name Not Only Sounds Cool, it IS Cool

Do you know what an UberMenu is?  How about a MegaMenu? It is cool.  And it is cool not just because it is great looking, but is functional in a way that it solves a problem that can be very hard to solve when creating a website.  That maybe makes it super-cool.

This is the type of menu you now can find on many shopping websites, such as llbean.com, officemax.com, staples.com, or target.com.  If you go to one of those sites and mouseover the main menu, you will see a huge menu drop down or fly out, with lots of well organized links.

When you have a site with tons of content and need to organize it so that visitors to the site can find what they want easily and quickly, you need an UberMenu or a MegaMenu.

Many of my clients do not need this type of menu because their site does not contain so many pages, or we find a way to organize their content under a few main menu items.  Recently, though, I had the pleasure of building the Italian Center of Stamford’s website, and they did not fit the “typical” client profile.

The Italian Center of Stamford is a:

  • Fitness Center
  • Group Exercise Center
  • Youth Program Center
  • Outdoor Tennis Facility
  • Platform Tennis Facility
  • Outdoor Swimming Facility
  • Swim Lesson and Swim Team Facility
  • Social Club
  • Cultural Center
  • Banquet Facility
  • Nursery School
  • Summer Camp
  • Vacation Week Camp Facility

How to organize all of this information?  Uber Menu.

When I first met with the Italian Center, we put all of the content that needed to be included on the new site down on paper.  Then it was my job to figure out how to organize all of the pages so that users could find what they needed to right away.  I also wanted to let new visitors to the site know what the Italian Center has to offer right away without making visitors search.

The Uber Menu plugin was our solution.  This plugin is easily downloaded and installed into a WordPress website.  I then was able to style the menu so it fit the look and feel of their site.

Please take a look at the Uber Menu in action on most of the drop down menus on the Italian Center’s website.  You will see that you get a snapshot of what the facility is all about right away and that you feel confident surfing their site.

If you are interested to know if an Uber Menu can help your website, please contact us below.  Or, leave your thoughts about the Uber Menu for us to share with others!  We think that the Uber Menu is pretty cool, and we’d love to hear what you think!


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