So it looks like we are looking a smaller website...

It looks like you have desire to put together a new, amazing website, but on the smaller side.  TechCare works with a lot of customers with limited budgets who are extremely organized. 

Questions to see if you are organized:

  1. Do you have most/all of your pages decided?
  2. Do you have the content written and gathered for each page and organized in folders on your computer (ie do you have all of the photos for each page and the text for each page, videos for each page, pdfs for each page, etc)?
  3. Do you have your colors already?
  4. Do you have a list of websites you like the look and feel of already?
  5. Do you have the time to work on this once you start?
  6. Do you have a list of keywords that are actually being searched already?
  7. Do you have dropbox and do you know how to share the top folder in dropbox?
  8. Do you have your questions for your contact form(s) already written out?
  9. If you are selling products, do you have all of the info gathered for each product (SKU, variations, pricing, descriptions, photos, categories, sales tax info, shipping setup, payment processor)


Here's what we will do:

These first few months we will put together a great menu structure, but build part of it out and leave some sections for later in the year when the budget allows.  Your design will be gorgeous, the technology will be up to date, and your site will be fast. We will position you for growth, a great position to be in.

Let's schedule a 30 minute call so that we can give you a solid proposal.


Here is an example $2,500-$4,000 website:

Here is an example $1,500-$2,500 website: