How to Save Your Google+ Data Before it is Deleted! (Or any Google Data, for that Matter!)

Google announced a while ago that they would not longer be supporting Google+ and would be shutting it down.  What does this mean for all of your photos, posts, and data?

Stop over at Google’s Takeout Service!

You can request a download of your Google+ data before your account is gone here – but it may take a few days! So make sure you make the request now. If you need more instructions, take a look here.

When you make your request, an archive will be created for you to download.

You have the choice to download:

  • Your Google+ 1+s on the web (.html format)
  • Your Google+ Circles (vCard format)
  • Your Google+ Communities (multiple formats – html or vCard)
  • Your Google+ Stream (posts, collections and other contents in html and photo formats)

If you choose More Products on that link we shared above, you have options to download all kinds of things like your google calendar, bookmarks, Google Drive content, your activity on YouTube, a lot of big-brother type info that Google is saving or you are letting Google save on your computer – its just amazing. You can download all types of things from Google!

As soon as you request the download, an email will be sent to the recovery email on file with Google verifying that this is ok.  Click on the check activity link and VERIFY the download.

You can go back into this link to request a new google+ download or here to download any of Google’s data if you would like to see what you have requested and download your archives take a look here!

If you need any help with this, please give us a shout!!!

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