Choose a Proven WordPress Shopping Cart: Woocommerce


Ecommerce Under Your Control

Setting up an online shopping cart? WooCommerce may be is for you. It’s convenient, it’s supported, it’s fast, and it works. In addition, all of the shopping cart functionality resides on the back end of your WordPress website. When you log in to your WordPress installation to update a page, add an image, or write a new blog post, you will also see all of your orders and products right in the same interface. Visitors to your site who make purchases never need to leave your site to browse your inventory or make a payment.

A Woocommerce developer like TechCare can help you get set up.



Woocommerce and WordPress

WooCommerce was developed by WooThemes years ago, and purchased by Automatic, the company who owns WordPress.  Since it is owned by the developers of WordPress, it has amazing support and enhancement throughout the world.  Automattic has a team of WooCommerce developers and support staff who are knowledgeable and helpful. These are important factors to consider when you are building an online presence and reputation.

Development, Enrichment Flexibility

WooCommerce is free. There is no charge to download and install the shopping cart on your WordPress installation. After the basic install, WooThemes has a plethora of extensions to enrich your shopping cart. These extensions are sold a-la-carte which makes putting together exactly what you need a piece of cake.


Customize Your Shop

Because you are hosting Woocommerce on your own website and TechCare uses amazing software, we can make your shopping makes unique to your business.  No more are you constrained by the "Woocommerce Product Layout". We can show you how your products can stand out online.