How to Build Good Websites


Lots to Do


Start with Navigation

In other words, your menus

How easy is it to navigate your current website? How many clicks does it take to find the information you are looking for? These are really important questions to ask yourself of your current website or the one your are going to build. The Internet and websites exist in order to deliver content. Some may look nice than others, but always, Content is King.

When TechCare is beginning a website project with you, the second step we will take (after finding out about your business) will be to build a site map or “navigation structure”. Basically, we will take all the content you would like to include on your website and organize it in a fashion so that visitors to your site will find the information they are looking for in the least amount of time.

In addition to making sure there is a place for all of your content and functionality you would like to have on your website, this also makes building the website an enjoyable experience because everyone at TechCare and in your organization is on the same page. We all know what pages will need text written, images found or taken, and functionality incorporated into the website.

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website designer recommended

It is very helpful to have Jennifer on our team.

It is very helpful to have Jennifer on our team.  She is very responsive and posts new information on our website right away.  She also helped us optimize some pages on our website for Google by completely rewriting our content.  When we revise our website again, we will be sure to have Jennifer to help us!


-Wendy Bianca