First Day of Spring Means Time to Freshen Up Your Website

Each spring, after the long, cold winter, we look out at the brown trees and see that new, bright green leaves are beginning to bud on the trees. The first day of Spring brings some happiness and hopefulness to each of us.  We imagine what the landscape will look like in a month or two, and are excited for the future.  The same goes for your website.

How you feel about your website?  When you look at the pages, layout and content on your site, are you looking at a site that brings the same excitement as full bloom spring?  Or does it feel like the winter:  grey, brown, and not your ideal site?

The protocols in website design are changing rapidly.  New trends are arriving and then passing each year.  It is important to keep your website looking fresh and new if you would like to keep visitors on your site.  You work hard to get that traffic to your site, now you need to keep visitors TO your website ON your site.  This can mean a completely new redesign, or simply changing elements on your pages. For example, changing a dark, thick border on boxes to a rounded corner, thin and light border on your boxes can make all the difference in the world.  A new background can set the tone for a rich experience on your website.  Recently, the use of Google Web Fonts has exploded!  Simply changing the fonts used on your website can take your site from a dated site, to a fresh, exciting and gorgeous website.

There are many examples of how you can freshen up the look and feel of your website.  TechCare, LLC is the perfect website programmer and design partner to help you do this.  When you look at your site, you should feel proud that it truly represents your company and the level of quality work that you provide to your customers or clients.

Now is the time to give your website a facelift! Celebrate the first day of Spring by making a commitment to beautify your website!

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