Child Theme for Canvas WooThemes

If you love Canvas like I do, you use it all the time and set up and configure your own child theme for Canvas.  Here is a blank child theme for Canvas that you can use.  Here is how you use this:

  1. Download this file
  2. Extract the file so you have a folder called canvas-child with only one file in the folder:: style.css
  3. Upload the latest version of canvas to your wp-content/themes folder
  4. Upload this folder to your wp-content/themes folder so that after in your ftp program, it will look like this:canvas-child-ftp
  5. Log into wordpress
  6. Under Appearance > Themes, activate the Canvas Child theme
  7. Now you can make all the edits you would like to your theme and when you update to the next version of Canvas, your changes will stay.



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