Thank You for Booking a Buyer Persona Call!

Buyer Personas are semi-fictional characters, or representations, of your customers based off of your existing customers. This allows you to map out a better sales and customer relationship, and allows you to create a strategy of attracting "better" customers.

We will work on developing two buyer personas in this meeting.

Please give us a bit of info about a persona below so we can dive deeper on our meeting. In addition, please be thinking about an additional persona we will develop.


Let's Start with a Bit of Data that will Help us Create a Buyer Persona

In this exercise, think of two of your past/current customers. I would suggest making a persona for your most favorite types of clients/customers that you love working with. Think of one of these two people and your interactions with this person. Below, start with a little data about this person, and then on our call that you scheduled, we will go deeper into this character as well as one other.

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